Buying vs building a home is one of those unending debates which have been raging for many decades. And while building a home existed first, purchasing a home is as popular as the former. With both sides of this debate presenting really very strong points, it is now more than obvious that the debate may not end anytime soon. That said, many homeowners have been asking me to weigh into this debate, but I promised them that I would remain neutral if I ever do that. That is because both cases have got their own advantages and disadvantages. In this write-up, I commit to share the pros and cons of both, and the choice will be yours at the end of it all.

Building a Home

I will start with the positives. Building a home enables us to end up with our real dream home. I have never believed and I don’t think I will ever believe that there is someone who has built my dream home out there. It is only me who knows how I want my dream home to look like, and this dream can only come true once I share it with an architect and engineer, who will design my vision, and a builder from a site like, who will build the vision and make my dream a reality.
Most good homes I have seen out there are very obviously well-designed and built, but they’re just not quite perfect for me. Designing and building your own will allow you to reach that perfection you’re looking for.

We save a lot of money if we build our own houses. Knowing what we want in our homes, finding the cheapest and most effective way of fitting it and then selling on the home in the future is how building our own houses saves us money. For example, paying for decent insulation and pipe fittings can be a choice you make as a home builder. Knowing that more expensive insulation will save you money in the long run, such as by keeping down heating bills and keeping out pests, is a smart decision a lot of home builders make, for example. Companies that offer pest control birmingham way, or pest controls services anywhere, are less likely to attend a complaint made by someone living in a newly built, efficient home. Furthermore, plumbing and electrical issues are kept at a minimum if the house has good insulation and pipe fittings. You won’t just be saving money on heating bills, but on plumbing leaks too. Knowing these tricks of the trade is one way you can save money by being your own home builder. Those people who are selling houses to us do so at a profit. Of course, no one can build a house only to sell it at the same price it cost them to build, or less, at worst. A business qualifies to be called so only if it generates a profit. Worse still is if house owners decide to sell their property through agents. If I add the owner’s profit and the agent’s fee, it is some nice cash. I can avoid these costs by simply building my own home.

Newness. Yes, building my own home gives me the opportunity to be the first person to use the house before anyone else. Not only that, but it also provides me with the opportunity to design my own house from the ground up, and it will enable me to have everything that I could want to see in a home. Although, this would only be the case if I enlisted the help of professional architects in Wilmslow, for example, to work on the project with me. This way, it really will be new. It feels nice to use the things in the house while they are still new, right from the furniture, fixtures, and finishes to air conditioners and septic system.

Purchasing a Home

The three advantages of building instead of purchasing I have mentioned enough are fair enough, so let us now focus on purchasing, and I will begin with the obvious: it is the easiest way to own a home. While purchasing a home may be expensive, it offers the shortest avenue to getting a home. Building a house involves lots of things, ranging from finding the right engineer and buying the land to purchasing and transporting the construction materials. This is just tedious and engaging, and it may take a couple of years to complete a house construction. If I’m purchasing a home, I will be saved from all this trouble, and get a ready-made product instead. The time and energy I would use to build my own house can be redirected elsewhere for my own good, of course.

Purchasing a home is safer. I have heard of many cases where people die or get injured on a construction site while building a home. I have followed some of these cases, and most of them don’t end well as the amount of compensation that the victims demand is massive. In fact, if a worker happens to die on the site, the compensation to the family of such a person may be more than the cost of building the house itself. That’s why we need to put the safety of workers fast when building our own homes. Purchasing a home will completely eliminate any chances of any lawsuits against me.

As to whether buying a house is better than building one and vice versa is a matter that is still contested, and the route we choose to follow will definitely depend on ourselves. And while there are those of us who believe that buying is the way to go, there is an equally big chunk of people who choose the other way. What is important is that both of these two groups of homeowners get satisfied with the decisions they make.