Family outings are meant to be fun-filled, enjoyable, and memorable experiences. However, not every family gets the best experience from these activities due to a range of challenges such as meltdowns that are common among children and poor and inadequate snacks. Most of the things that compromise the quality of a family fun day result from lack of adequate preparation.


We all agree that we can all avoid most of these challenges with proper planning and have the best experiences and memories during these outings. There are some vital tips that I consider when planning a family fun day to make it a success. I will highlight some of them in the as you read along.


Planning Ahead

Family outings are just as significant as any other events such as birthdays, weddings, weekend getaways, and graduation parties. I mean, take the example of graduation parties–individuals really consider these ceremonies significant. Many people often book venues, invite people, buy appropriate gifts, get announcement cards (probably from sites like to share the achievement of the kids with the relatives and loved ones, and of course, arrange for food. Likewise, family outings require planning ahead –they require me to plan ahead of time to ensure success. Some of the vital aspects to put in mind when planning these fun days include making a list of all the exciting activities based on the individual needs and preferences and places that are likely to be the most fun.

It is also vital to note what venues have special discounts and unique events at different times of the year. If I have specific places that I plan to visit, then I research them adequately. In my research, I make sure to ask about the location and quality of restrooms and other significant amenities like restaurants and playgrounds, especially child-friendly ones. It is also vital to plan and travel at a time when my kids are at their best. I also leave home early so that we can be back in time before my kids’ sleeping time and not have to rush through the day.


Checking the Weather Forecast

The weather has a significant impact on the success of the family fun day. Before traveling out, I check the weather forecast and prepare adequately for the most likely outcome. The weather also affects the types of activities that my family is likely to indulge in. For instance, if it is likely to rain, activities such as swimming and other water-based and most outdoor activities are unsuitable are not the right choices.


The right kind of dressing also depends heavily on the season and weather. For instance, I make sure the kids wear warm outfits during winter or cold or rainy days. When it comes to travel bags, I go for backpacks.


Packing Sufficient Snacks

Hungry children tend to be grumpy and cranky, which hinders them from having fun. Their grumpiness does not just affect them but also me and anyone that has accompanied me. Water and lots of snacks are inevitable for anyone planning a family fun day. Depending on the destination, we can also pack lunch, and in case we plan to dine out, we can also get some munchies to distract the children on the way back home.


Packing A Bag of Tricks

Another useful trick to making the family fan day successful and peaceful is by packing a bag of distractors, especially for children that are too young to distract themselves. Some of the components of this pack may include small toys and games, stickers, coloring books, and magnets. I can also bring along their favorite blanket and comfort items that calm them down anytime they get uncontrollable. For the bigger kids, their backpacks should include their favorite books, LEGO minifigs, tablets, and anything that can keep them amused while on the trip.


A Pack of Essentials for Adults

Parents and adults also have needs while on the go as well. That is why I always pack all our essentials when going on a family outing. Some of the things I pick include a first aid kit, tissues, diapers, sanitizers, bug spray, sunscreen, hand sanitizers, phone chargers, and batteries. Other additional things to include are magazines to read along the way when the journey gets quiet or boring, road maps to give direction, ticket vouchers and two-way radios.


These tips have helped me have some exhilarating family fun days with my kids. I hope you will also have the same experience after implementing them.