Hey there! Thanks for checking out my about me page, and wanting to learn a little more about me! My name’s Dora, as you may have guessed by now, and this is my blog where I put a series of ramblings and ideas that flow from my mind down onto the page. I’ve lived a very varied life for my young years (I’m still in my 20’s!) and felt it would be a good idea to find somewhere to share what I have learned and what I have gone through.

As for a little more about me, my full name is Dora West, I come from New Orleans, and my family and I have since moved across the country in a scattered way. Ever since Katrina flooded the city life has simply never been the same. I was lucky me and my own managed to get out without losing anyone. But the sheer experience of that time shaped a lot of who I am, and now when a large change comes into my life I can’t help but think of it as a flood.

This blog is a big change, so I figured giving it that part as a name made sense. Do you agree?

In any case, since then I’ve gone on to study computers and tech, and make a living as an engineer and programmer now. It’s not the normal line of work for someone like me, but I love it. I also love the more classic things, too. People call me eclectic, and I can see why.

My goals for the future are to start a family like the one I’ve grown up surrounded by, and maybe I will return to New Orleans and settle down again. Time will tell on that front. I’m not the best at sticking to set plans!

Well, that’s a little about me. I’m not good at talking about myself honestly, but if you have any questions feel free to contact me!