No home will be without items that we do not need and are just lying around, and we do not want to throw them away. We must be wondering what to do with all this clutter. Well yeah, even though it’s hard to part with some things, sometimes cleaning up becomes more important than that. So the obvious option would be to sort the mess, figure out what we need and don’t need first. Then, instead of throwing it all in the garbage, just call in a junk removal company to take care of it. How exactly do they do that? Well, you can get more information about that before you decide to call them.

But if you really really want to keep the unused stuff, you can find creative ways to use the clutter in your home to make different decorations and clothing. This will help you get rid of the unwanted items saving money in the process. I will list a few DIY hacks that we can all use.

Make Art Fun at Home

Let us pick up our paintbrushes and paint freely on any kind of material. The painting does not need to be perfect, but it can be fun. We can also explore the inner artistic traits within us and look for sources that will inspire us to keep ongoing. With time we will get better with the craft projects.

Design Greeting Cards

Use old family photos or drawings to design a greeting card. Online editing software is available and can be used for this purpose. This helps in making the process faster and allows us to create more lavish designs. We can also use websites for personalised online greeting cards design to customize our card by adding the person’s name, along with extra features like calligraphy, pictures, quotes, etc. This will keep us occupied and productive, and improve our creativity while we have a great time during the process.

Turning Old Clothes Into New Clothes and Frames

Some of us may have fabric items that we no longer use. These could be shawls or old sarees (Indian wear) and can be turned into tops. We can make scarves out of them, and these days they are quite fashionable. If we have old socks that we do not wear or are torn, they can be stitched together to create a cloth to clean the house. Use old cotton t-shirts to make a towel for wiping utensils. Cotton fabrics can also be used to clean the car or furniture, so the next time our leggings or tights will no longer be worn, we can use them as cloths. We can make clothes for pets, and if we have plain t-shirts and we don’t wear them, we can draw and paint on them and frame them to stick on the wall. Decorate the fabrics and make masks out of them as it is the new normal.

Decorate Your Mobile Cover With CDs

Take out the old CDs and let us make something new out of them. Take one CD and cut it into 1″ length and 3″ width. Stick a double-sided tape on it, and stick it on the acrylic plastic. Cut them into various sizes and shapes, peel off the double-sided tape and stick the acrylic plastic to the mobile cover. This will make the mobile cover look sleek. Take a CD and burn it with a lighter from the sides to create a designer item that can be used as a soap dish.

Decorate Vases

One of the finest ways to decorate a vase is by painting on it. Another way of decorating it is by using old coins that no longer have value and are lying around the house. All we need is a hot glue gun, and we are good to go. Add flowers to the vases to make them look more elegant.

Make CD Coasters

We will need manila paper, paint, and paintbrushes, and CDs to make coasters. Take a CD, place it on a manila paper, and cut the paper into a round shape. We can use different colors and stick on both sides of the CD’s and paint them according to our preference.

Converting Old Suitcases Into Portable Bars

If we have an old TV stand and an old suitcase, take advantage and convert it into a portable bar. Attach the suitcase on to the TV stand and stock beer and wines in it.

Use Wooden Boxes to Make Frames

Paint the wooden boxes to the color we like, and make a wall frame out of it. In the frame, we can put books and also our stationery and different decorations. We can also hang this wooden frame with the help of sugru glue or a similar adhesive on our bedroom or living room wall, wherever we prefer reading.

There are so many ways of doing DIY projects that need limited resources and are pocket-friendly. They add a lovely ambiance to the house, and some of these hacks help get rid of the clutter.