If we look at photos that are centuries-old, we can check the difference in their lifestyle from our own generation. From the clothing, fashion, buildings, work, industry section, and the way they lived. Looking back, some people from our age think that it would be too dull to live in those years. And thanks to the advancement of technology, the inventions of mobile phones and computers changed our lifestyle.

In what ways did mobile phones and computers affect our lives? How did the old generation adapt? And, what are the changes we aren’t aware of?


According to a study, phones and computers provide convenience, but they also offer us multitasking. Business people and high-ranking officials always check their phones to know their schedules. Even without a secretary, their phone can do the same job. It has a set-up timer for us to be aware of what is next to do.

At work, spreadsheets can document our analysis without the need for us to calculate the stats using the calculator. Our phones’ mobile calendar platform allows us to plan in advance to help mothers, as well as workers. A good schedule allows us to prepare for another day to conquer.


Mobile phones are designed to help humans in their struggle for communication. Take, for instance, how mobile phones help humans stay connected to the rest of the world with the help of Internet access or calls. All one would need to perhaps do is recharge his phone with a decent plan similar to AT&T Unlimited Elite (you can visit this link to learn more about the above-mentioned plan) that can not only provide unlimited high-speed data, but also limitless talk time and texting options. To be honest, when individuals are more available to the world, they get hold of more meaningful messages and pieces of information. However, prior to the existence of mobiles, all documents, whether legal or not, were all handled by the postman. But, with technology innovations, like mobiles we can send documents, money transfers, and transactions online. To always be available is the target of these devices.

But, with accessible communication and being available, some find it hard to divide our attention. For example, you may be texting your partner for dinner tonight and, on your computer, a pop-out message for an emergency meeting comes up. Since we are online and have read the memo, we are obliged to attend the meeting. Even when we are about to rest, an emergency text can make us work instead of relaxing. Some find these devices’ availability options a benefit; yet, there are always risks to consider.

Changes in work

Buildings become higher, and so the economy increases. With the changes in our industry, there are also changes in the workforce. Formerly, jobs are more related to manual work. We have a lot of postmen. Since communication is essential, we need a lot of mail carriers to work with letters. Yet, as of today, the postman job seems to extinguish.

Telecommunication companies are the highest paying jobs to this present day. With telecommunication still a booming industry, it offers adaptation to the workforce. Online selling platforms are a new trend. Before, we needed to have a swap to get kinds of stuff from another place. Now, we have platforms that offer different merchants selling items from separate locations. No physical contact is needed; instead, the choices can be chosen through computers or phones. The world of marketing has also made its way online and now, while there are still some physical marketing strategies that work, more and more businesses are looking to resources like this SEO checklist on a great site in order to make sure that what they are posting is going to help them rank well on search engines in order to drive traffic to their website.

Jobs adapt to these changes. We have BPO’s or business processing outsource, where it caters to inquiries and services through phone calls. Even teaching that is usually done in classrooms before can now be done through virtual meetings.

Computer-generated ideas now replace manual work. This works in the engineering section. Where blueprints are now done through computer programs, writers will not need to use a typewriter in a paperless community. Editing is easier to do on a computer with lots of styles to use.

If we check the quality of videos from the past, we usually find that they are colorless. Cartoons are made by drawing manually. But with the help of computers, videos become colorful. Music was added to films. Actions are more realistic with 4D effects. And cartoonists do not need to draw the character using a pencil and paper. Instead, they can use toon effects on their computers or phones.

Now, can you see what the fantastic technology offers us? It allows us to live conveniently in many terms, especially now during the pandemic.


According to a saying, “The only thing that is permanent in this world is change.” With that, humans evolve according to their adapting lifestyle. We have lived through ages on this planet through our inventions. Computers and phones allow us to foresee a better future for our next generation. Which we all hope for.