Research shows that in the United States, one in every 15 homes experiences a high radon concentration. In addition, the World Health Organization states that many cases of lung cancer are caused by radon. Although there are dozens of reasons why radon concentration in a house could be high, it is vital to learn how to run radon tests and prevent it from causing more harm. Are we worried that high levels of radon might plague our homes?

What Is Radon?

Radon is a natural radioactive gas that cannot be seen or smelled but sometimes accumulates in dangerous levels inside our properties. Most houses and buildings have a high percentage of radon without the knowledge of the owners. Inhalation of this poisonous gas for a long time can cause lung cancer, especially in people who smoke. If this is suspected, the homeowners may need to take a lung cancer test to see if they have been affected, especially if they have been in that house for a while and are showing signs.

Advantages of a Radon Inspection

Below are significant advantages of carrying out a radon test:

Saves us cash!

We don’t have to repeat a radon test when selling a house.

Protects our kids

Children’s body systems are not as developed as in adults. They are highly susceptible to cancer caused by radon. Performing a radon inspection in our home ensures safety to our kids.

Extends people’s Lifespan

For the past 30 years, cancer-induced by radon has caused many deaths. Statistics show that up to 50% of people die every year due to radon exposure. For this number of fatalities to reduce, it’s essential to get radon testing done in your home.

How to Detect Radon Concentration

How can individuals determine the elevation of radon concentration and the possible health risks that are involved? The best way to calibrate the available radon content in a home is by measuring the radon levels over a more extended period. Ensure that the measurement is precise. The radioactive noble gas concentration in rooms varies greatly depending on the season and day.

A certified radon monitor makes the observation process simple and relatively inexpensive. It eliminates our need to go for costly and time-consuming laboratory tests. Also, it cuts time used in laboratories which may take days before the results are established.

There are two ways that a radon test can be done. They include:

Short Term Radon Test

Take the test at a lower level of the property where most people spend time. However, it should not be done in damp areas like the kitchen, laundry area, or washrooms.

We can buy test kits in stores, hardware stores, or the internet, depending on our location and availability. If the concentration of radon is four or more, then find a way to solve the problem.

Long-term Radon Test

The radon concentration in our houses can change, and it can take a long time before we notice the changes. The best way to know to monitor it is to do the long-term test. But do we have to be scared of small amounts of radon in our homes? Note that no amount of radon is harmless to house occupants.

Therefore, take precaution even if the test results show a low concentration. Several months of radon inhalation may cause significant health damage to the people living in the house.


We all get worried when we realize that our houses have poisonous gases, especially if there are young kids in it. If the radon test proves there is some presence of it in the house, there are simple measures that we can use to keep it at bay and have full control over it.

The following tips can help us reduce the radon concentration in our homes:

  • Improve the ventilation and seal the floors and walls
  • Install a system of mechanical extraction of radon in the basement, the floor or the sill

Also, do not interfere with the radon detector instrument when carrying out the test.

When radon testing results show a high radon concentration in our homes, then it’s time to plan for repairs. However, we cannot do most of the required repairs by ourselves. Get a professional property inspection company to work out the parts that promote radon concentration and save the family from inhaling this dangerous gas.