When it comes to lit signage, we need to consider not only the cost to buy the sign but also the running costs. This article will look at the difference in terms of cost and also provide you with some ideas with affordable products that are available from Neon Mama.

Comparing the Purchase Costs of Neon Lighting and the LED Alternative

Traditional neon signage is fairly costly because of the cost of the components used to make it. The manufacturers will have to pass this cost on to the consumer. The cost to manufactures is not just in the purchase of components but also in the cost of handling them.

The average neon sign is going to cost $600. Prices have typically ranged from $200 to $1000. LED neon signs that do not have to be filled with neon gas can, however, be purchased for much less. This faux alternative will be every bit as striking as the real thing but much more affordable for homes and businesses. Custom-made LED neon signs can be produced to reflect a situation at prices those wanting them can afford to pay. Advertising will cost money but it need not be as expensive as it would be if you opted for the traditional neon lighting. Thankfully, companies are producing the LED alternatives so that it does not become an expense that breaks the home or company budget in return for the same eye-catching effect that can be achieved.

Running Costs

Since LEDs run on lower voltages than traditional neon lighting, they are much more energy-efficient. This means that they are cheaper to run. 20 percent cheaper on average. This could be crucial when you think of installing outdoor led signs for a large shop. This is also a significant cost reduction where events have a large sign to promote them. Inside a house when there is a party, you will not need to have to think to switch them off when the lighting is LED because you will hardly be using any electricity. What the LED lights will give you in return, though, is a display brighter than fluorescent tubing for less money.

Ideas for LED Neon Lighting

Having established that LED neon lighting is cheaper, we can now think about buying a combination for our home rather than just sticking to one sign. We can have a combination of figural or sculptural designs.

In a home, you want to let your family, your friends, and work colleagues know what you are about. What your leisure time and interests consist of. A good way is to display it in lights. Those looking for inspiration on just how to do this can Read More here, but neon lighting can quickly become the catalyst for much dinner table conversation. You will more often than not find out that your interests are shared by many others. They will, in this case, be admiring your LED neon signs from the moment they walk in. The fact that they are LED will not make them any less appealing than if they were lit by fluorescent tubes. They will still be displaying symbols and text that everyone can associate with and find aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Due to their high visibility, neon signs are extremely beneficial to businesses, particularly small businesses. They not only stand out because they are illuminated, but they also allow potential customers to locate their location even at night. As a result, it is regarded as one of the most effective marketing ideas for a variety of businesses. When it comes to a shop or business, you want everyone to know from afar that it is open and what it is all about. You want customers to feel the atmosphere inside. If it is a café, you should make it a pleasant place to eat inside. You want to remind them of the food and drinks that they can order by lighting up hamburgers and steaming mugs of coffee. In signs only, obviously. These are nice signs for a kitchen area at home, too. Signs like that should be relevant to the situation. Other signs can go anywhere and look great.

If you follow the link in the introduction, it will show you the many possibilities for lit LED neon displays. So, it is worth exploring the LED alternatives when it comes to your home or business signage.