Moving house can be an anxious time for humans, never mind dogs. So, this article will consider dog anxiety when moving to a new home. What we can do to help our dog better cope with the ordeal.

Doggy Introductions

You could look to introduce your dog to the area you are going to move to before you move house. This could help with settling your dog in later. You will hope that you come across people who love dogs as much as you do and make a fuss of your dog to make it a good experience. Also, it will be a bonus if your dog gets to meet other dogs in the area that it takes to. Like humans fall out, some dogs just do not get on and hate the sight of one another. Your clue is when your dog always barks at the same dog and appears to be warning it off. Dogs can be territorial. You never know, you might be escaping the dog from hell that always upset your dog.

Pet Sitter on Moving Day

When it comes to the day you are to move house, or the days before, you could use a relative who the dog is familiar with as a pet sitter while the chaos of packing and unpacking is going on. Then, your dog will move straight into a reasonably organized home that appears more inviting to it. You could already have your dog’s sleeping area in position for your dog to head towards after they have greeted you with several tail wags, licks, and cuddles.


Dogs are animals of habit and like routine, so if you can keep the same routine going as you had at your previous house this will help your dog to settle in. Have their lead hanging up where they can see it. Walk them at the same time as you always do.

Although the home layout will be different, your dog’s toys will be the same. Make sure that you have not thrown out any of your dog’s things before or during the move. You may be trying to reduce the number of items to have to pack but the worse thing is to sacrifice anything that belonged to your dog. It will be the one familiar thing that helps with continuity and familiarity and helps your dog settle into your new place.

In case you have left back your dog’s bag, it can make the dog anxious. What you can do is find a new comforting bed to ease down your beloved pet. Calming Dog Bed for sale can be an affordable option, as you will already be dealing with the finances of the new house.

Moreover, if you would always allow your dog on the furniture, continue to let them at the new home.


Do not necessarily expect your dog to appear happy straight away. It may take time for them to settle in. So, be patient with your dog and give them time and space.

Continued Comfort

Make the area where your dog will sleep as comfortable as possible. Fleeces are considered comfort blankets and the ideal thing for dog bedding. You want something soft for your dog to feel cozy in its new home, especially if any existing health ailments have been playing up during the move. In order to make sure they are as comfortable as possible, looking for bolster dog beds that can aid with their health, familiar bedding that they’ve always had, as well as objects and special toys will all play a special part in adding to their comfort levels.

Be careful not to injure your dog in your haste to unpack. Be aware that your dog will probably want to stay closer to you than ever before.


Remember to continue to treat your dog as your always have. That is to remember to reward them for obedience and for moving out of the way when it is somewhere you want to unpack items. Furthermore, you can now buy dog treats that include CBD in them, or CBD oil products from websites such as that help calm a dog while you are unpacking.

At Night

It is at nighttime that your dog might feel the most anxious. When you have left them downstairs and gone up to bed. Do not be tempted to take them up with you into your room as much as you feel sorry for them. One way to combat anxiety at night is to get dog beds specifically for anxiety. These are mostly different from bolster dog beds as those are built to support joints. However, if your dog’s anxiety is pain-related then a bolster bed could help in this regard.

The most important thing when dealing with dog anxiety at night is to not give in to your dog’s demands to get on your bed if you don’t want them there. They might howl for a bit but you do not want to start a routine that you are not prepared to continue. Your partner might not like it and one or other of you might feel uneasy about it, anyway.

It can be a more anxious time if you are having your pet shipped. You should know more about that.

So, a few things here that you can do to make the transition between homes smoother when you have a dog. The idea is to have your dog feel less anxious about the move. It will then be one less thing for you to have to worry about. Surveys conducted have suggested that a high proportion of people rank moving home as one of their most stressful life events. An E-on survey conducted in 2015 revealed that 62 percent of people among a group of 2,000 adults thought so, anyway. Moving house and home has become no less stressful.