Whistler in British Columbia, Canada, is a resort that will offer activities for the whole family. We will touch on a few of the winter Family Activities in this article, and then you can find out more.

Sleigh Ride

There is nothing more Christmassy or in keeping with the holiday season than a sleigh ride. Known for its snow, Whistler is the perfect environment in which to experience this. There is nothing like riding on an old-fashioned, traditional horse-drawn sleigh and thinking about jingling bells as you do.

Sleighs are whimsical and one of those life experiences to take part in. Children will love the idea of it and it will make the season extra special for them.

The good news about the sleigh rides at Whistler is that they are suitable for all ages. In other words, the whole family can enjoy them and get involved.


If you want to go a bit more high-tech, then there are the motorized snowmobiles that you and your family could ride on. There is nothing more wonderful than riding over snow in a vehicle built for the purpose. Our motor vehicles back home might struggle, depending on the model and whether they are 4WD, but not the snowmobile, it loves snow.

It is exhilarating to take a ride on a snowmobile and get around with your family that way. Making your way through deep snow will have never been so easy or exciting. Particularly if you hardly ever, or at all, experience snow back home.

With a snowmobile as your mode of transport, you can travel greater distances and visit more of the Whistler sites. You will begin your journey at Cougar Mountain Base Camp.

Whistler Ski School

Those between the ages of 5 and 14 can enroll in ski school. The school is located at Whistler Blackcomb and is considered by many to be one of the best ski training schools in the world. The excellent tuition will allow your kids to conquer any fear they might have had of the ice, and teach them how to conquer hills. Then before you know it, they will be snowboarding as well as skiing.

Ski school is a good child occupier and will allow adults to try other things without the kids in tow.

Dog Sledding

Some might say that you should keep children and animals away from the snow, but with dog sledding, they can both be brought together successfully.

From the age of 3 upwards, children can enjoy the dog sledding experience. 

It is a wonderful experience to race across the snow with your family and the dogs. If you sign up for this, you would be pulled by Arctic sled dogs. They are bred especially for this activity.

It feels like a position of power when you are commanding the dogs under the direction of your musher. A musher is a term for the driver of a dog sled. You will also be responsible for harnessing the dogs, which you will be instructed on how to do.

Ice Skating

Then we move indoors at Whistler. You will want this option if it is raining or the weather is unsuitable for the other outdoor activities. 

Ice skating takes place at Whistler Olympic Park. It can be fun watching the family get to grips with the ice, that will be bound to make them slip until they get used to it. You may well find that the children are better at it than the adults.

In addition, be careful, but you can also, at the right times of year, there is an option to skate on Whistler’s local lakes.

Above are five snow or ice-related activities that Whistler has to offer those who visit. These activities will take children into account and be suitable for the whole family to take part in, or make use of for occupying younger members of their family. You can be a family that takes advantage of all of the above when you put Whistler on your travel list. It is a resort that can be visited in winter or summer. Many activites are all year round. When they are not, there are plenty of alternatives, indoors and out.