As we age, our needs change. Our grandchildren have graduated from college and moved out, our spouses have retired, and our children are on their own. We no longer live in our home alone and (gasp) don’t want or need to spend all of our time in our basement or garage. It’s time to consider homes designed specifically for those over the age of 55, who may need a few more considerations when moving into a new home.

Moving into a new home can be an exciting event, but it can also raise some questions about your future. Is your home too big or small, or does it lack any functional features you’ll need as you age? Some seniors would consider buying a home from builders like Preserve at Marsh Creek to be with the community that can help them. How do you decide what is good for you? If you already have a comfortable home, taking the time now to make changes to your home will make it safer and accessible to you as you age and will also allow you to put more money toward savings for the future.

Open blinds to let in as much light as possible during the day

Many homeowners find they need to make the home more livable for an older adult. Remodeling to make doors wider and bathrooms accessible, for example, can make things easier for aging parents, singles, or couples. But opening blinds during the day to let in as much natural light as possible can brighten any room. Consider installing brighter light bulbs or dimming fixtures if your home is dark during the day.

Clear any clutter to make the home look bigger

Seniors often prefer moving into a well-facilitated Active Adult Community either because they can no longer take care of themselves or because they have grandkids who can no longer care for them. Either way, they want to ensure their new home is as comfortable as possible. If you’re a senior moving into a new home, consider clearing the clutter out of your home before you unpack. The more space you create in your home, the more your senior loved one will feel independent.

Remove non-permanent wall decorations and remove rugs

When it’s time to consider making a move to become a resident of a senior community, it’s wise to plan ahead. Besides the obvious things like finding a new home, you’ll need to think about things like removing non-permanent wall decorations and removing rugs. Removing these items will make your home more livable for seniors.

Hire a Home Health Assistant

Aging can be a wonderful thing. With every decade that passes, you get the chance to learn new skills, meet new people, and add more memories to your life. However, growing older can also bring on feelings of loneliness and isolation. It can be difficult to maintain connections with other people if you are not around friends or family. Eventually, you may start to feel like your home is no longer suitable for you, and it might be time to hire a home health assistant to make a few changes. You can look for a company that provides Home Care Services in your locality, including personal and social assistance, respite care, fall prevention, end-of-life, dementia or disability aids, etc. These facilities can be beneficial to give physical and emotional support to elderly people.

Install handrails and grab bars

A growing number of seniors in America are choosing to age in place rather than move to an assisted living facility. This move is the right choice for some, but for others, such as someone recovering from an anterior hip replacement or a fall, living alone is too dangerous. Installing handrails and grab bars can help you age in place safely.

When you or a loved one has decided to move into a senior living community, there is much to do. To long-lost family/ancestry etc. There are things you need to bring, things you need to get rid of, and things you need to decide on. If you are having a stranger moving into your home or selling your home, it can be overwhelming. But knowing what you need to do to make the transition go smoothly can help make it much easier.