Windows are a great addition to any home. Not only can they be energy efficient, saving any household money, but they can also let in an abundance of natural light, making the home feel brighter and lighter and far more appealing than a darker home. One of the best ways to make a subtle change to a room is by changing the window treatments. Trends and needs change over time, but by just changing window treatments, any room can have a total facelift. Here are 3 different treatments that will suit any home.


First up is shutters. These are one of the newest trends and can often be spotted on Pinterest and in home décor magazines. You can get Custom Plantation Shutters in many locations to get your windows looking smart and to ensure that you feel secure from the outside world. They’re great for insulating windows as well as managing how much light comes into the room. They can be easily adjusted up or down, so if you want subtle lighting, they can provide that, or if you want your whole room lit up, they can allow for that too. They’re also great if you’re sat in a particular spot and the sun is in your eyes, one flip up and you’re still getting that natural light, except it’s not blinding you this time. Plus, they’re an excellent option for increased privacy too. With the easily adjustable slats, you can conceal your room or have them open for everyone to see; it’s totally up to you.

The window shutters London has to offer are sleek and stylish, making any room trendy. They’re also straightforward to clean, so it’s no surprise how popular these window shutters are becoming. They also come in a range of materials, the most popular being wood, but also a range of colours too. White, brown and black are most popular as they suit any room, but you could probably get them in a vast range of colour.


Curtains are a staple in any household. They’re simple, easy to use and match any room. Not to mention, you can get them in various lengths, styles, colours and even patterns so you can always find a fit no matter how you style a room. When looking for curtains, you can have quite a long list of criteria too. From material used to blackout options, you can customize any set of curtains to your home. However, because of this great customization, it can also be a slightly overwhelming process too as there are just so many options to choose from! It’s hard to know even where to start. Thankfully, you can purchase premade curtains which are very convenient, as long as you get the right size for your window.

If you’re finding window treatments for a bedroom, curtains are often a popular choice and they can usually be lined with extra material to give them a blackout option. This blocks any light coming into the room far better than generic curtains. This means sunrays can keep out if you’re trying to sleep. Plus, you can easily take down curtains to clean them and most are washing machine safe.


You can get blinds or Window shades in either vertical or horizontal from. Vertical allow for more control over who can see in and what can be seen out, as well as letting in light whereas vertical not so much. With a vertical blind, you really need to cover the whole window if you want coverage, you don’t really get much coverage if you only have a vertical blind halfway down. Although, it is good for blocking out the sun if it’s too bright. Blinds, such as these hunter douglas blinds, for example, are a great decorative tool. If you’re using one piece of fabric as you can really make a statement, but for individual blinds, you can’t be as experimental.

One downfall with blinds is that they can sometimes be difficult to clean. They’re not as easily wipeable as shutters and you can’t take them down like curtains. Of course, there are ways to clean blinds but it’s certainly a more length process.

Visit your local home décor store for more window treatments.